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About the KX Franchise

Let’s join forces and combine our momentum!

KX Pilates is the leading reformer Pilates brand in Australia, founded in 2010, now with over 100 locations globally.

KX is more than a workout, it’s a movement that, at it’s core, is made for everyone. If
there’s one thing we love it’s seeing people find a stronger version of themselves, and
that starts with our studios and owners.

Our 90+ strong network of studios is led by a passionate group of people we are proud to call our partners. If you think you have what it takes to be a KX owner, we’re here to help make it happen.

If you’re here, you share our passion for helping people take their health and fitness to the next level.

designed for all

The beauty of a KX Pilates studio is that everyone can participate. Through the diverse and dynamic nature of the classes, male and female, young and old, mums and dads, fitness fanatics, couch lovers and busy professionals are all welcome! This gives your Pilates franchise a very large target market to work with.

we want you

If you love making Australia a healthier place with a versatile and respected Pilates program that makes people feel great about themselves, we want you. In return, we’ll help you every step of your franchise journey, so you can discover success through your passion. Afterall – you ‘get it’ because you’re naturally a hard and committed individual.

THE KX Family.

Get amongst like-minded, positive health professionals. All journeys need great guides, and you can be a conduit of energy amongst your KX Family. We’re like a bed of red-hot coals: we burn more brightly together.

Led by Aaron Smith and Selina Bridge, a KX Pilates franchise is a valuable business opportunity to drive fitness forward through your own successful venture.

Aaron Smith

This guy is Aaron – the Founder of the KX Group. He is a living, breathing example of how health and fitness is a rewarding career.

With first-hand knowledge from his international experience, Aaron seized the opportunity to apply dynamic Pilates together with the Kaizen approach to improve fitness using a workout style which combines healthy results with a creative, modern flare.

Aaron aims to provide all Australians with the opportunity to add KX Pilates easily to their weekly routine and discover more natural energy to fuel their lives.

Selina Bridge

Selina keeps the KX Pilates business running strong, through strategic direction and people-led management.

As an avid advocate of how professional life and fitness complement each other, Selina sees health as an ongoing and exciting adventure for everyone.

She is thrilled to work with like-minded fitness enthusiasts and business professionals every single day to enhance the well-being of our society by delivering innovative fitness solutions through the KX Pilates franchise business model.

don’t just take
our word for it.


Yes, we encourage all existing franchisees as well as external interested parties to suggest locations in their area. To support decision making, KX can provide demographic intelligence around each site.

  1. Finding a suitable location
  2. Owner onboarding and training
  3. Assistance with Trainer recruitment if necessary
  4. Studio design and detailed builders drawings and specifications
  5. Studio signage
  6. On-the-ground support for Opening & Open Day
  7. Ongoing training and support

A Franchise Agreement is a legal contract that binds you (Franchisee) and KX (Franchisor) in business together.

Franchise Agreements outline the rights and obligations of the franchisee and the franchisor under the franchise arrangement and are compliant to the Franchise Code.

KX franchising is successful because our business formula was developed and tested by Founder Aaron Smith before being franchised. Therefore, it’s important that the franchise agreement allows the franchisor to protect this formula while providing space for future innovation and development.

The Franchise fee includes a comprehensive training program for all new franchise Owners hosted at HQ. The cost of training is included in the franchise fee if purchasing a brand new studio.

  1. Online enquiry submitted
  2. Confidentiality Agreement signed
  3. Phone or video call interview
  4. Information Request completed
  5. Application deposit paid
  6. KX Financial Model and Draft Legal Documentation provided
  7. KX Financial Model and legal review meeting
  8. Self-Assessment and Business Plan review meeting
  9. Candidate meets with current KX Franchisees
  10. Final Panel Interview
  11. Approval
  12. Training and onboarding commences!

Upon signing the Franchise Agreements, the candidate will obtain access to the company KX Connect (intranet). KX Connect contains all Franchise Manuals to assist you from start-up onwards.

KX Pilates has a dedicated team to support and guide you through the start-up and ongoing daily operations of your business.

The financial success of the business is heavily weighted on the time and effort by the owner within the business operationally, through local area marketing as well as training quality just to name a few.

The period, or term, granted under the KX Franchise agreement is 5 years with an optional right to renew the agreement for an additional 5 years.

To be a KX Pilates Franchisee, our values and behaviours should be consistent with your current or chosen lifestyle, and this should be among your primary considerations (along with price, location and growth potential) when buying a franchise.

Our 6 step recruitment process.

Step 1
Application & Profile
You will be asked to complete an application form and compatibility profile to assess your alignment to the KX Pilates culture, values, work style and competencies.
Step 2
The Numbers
Successful applicants will be provided with a cashflow template to assist them;
  • To understand how a KX Pilates business works, and;
  • Build out a cashflow so they understand breakeven and ROI
Step 3
Meet The Team
You will get to meet the team. This is where you get to ask all the questions you have so you can build out a cash flow with clarity on how the business operates.
Step 4
Due Diligence
To complete your due diligence you will be provided with;
  • Draft Franchise Agreement, Disclosure Document & Franchising Code of Conduct
  • A list of franchisees and site visits
  • Finance Broker introduction
Step 5
Meet The CEO
After completing your due diligence, now is the time to meet our CEO. Our CEO will sign off on everything completed by you to date and award you with the right to open a KX Pilates franchise.
Step 6
Franchise Agreement
You are now ready to be part of the team. You will be asked to complete our Request for Information document so we can draw up your Franchise Agreement.
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